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The best way is to advertise your fingertips…

Best paper bags

at your fingertips…

The best advertising medium,

is at your fingertips…

The best advertising medium,

is at your fingertips…

The best advertising medium,

is at your fingertips…


Our generic bags are sold through distributors and are tailored for Stationery shops, supermarkets, supermarkets, bazaars, pharmacies, gift shops, inter. Currently we have with our customers to major chains and small businesses, located throughout the country.


The custom shopping bag is not only an excellent packaging for your product, but an important resource for advertising your business, that will allow her image to transcend the barriers of your property. We offer a full customization of your bags, Prints logos, commercial firm, special materials, Finish your choice.


We manufacture paper bags mainly, and folding boxes; yet we know the needs of our customers so that we can offer other complementary packaging products either domestically manufactured, the imported, and depending on quantities and time availability, can be customized at source or locally.


News about our products

Papelart is a company with extensive experience in manufacturing promotional paper bags, infrastructure and advanced techniques to produce a product of the highest quality.

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We want to be leaders at the local level and to position in alternative markets nationally, in the manufacture of paper bags, offering packaging and advertising solutions with continuous improvement processes, with a human resource based on honesty, respect, responsibility and perseverance and so systematically comparative advantages that allow us to achieve, sustain and improve our position in the socioeconomic environment.